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I help organizations reach membership and customer goals by evangelizing their unique brand promise that resonates with the target audience.

Business Growth 

Business growth is directly tied to your unique value proposition and how it dovetails with your clients' or customers' emotional goals and needs. 

Your brand promise is the feeling evoked when people buy your product or service.  Why are emotions so critical in the purchasing decision?  Because they are the primary drivers of why we buy.  Data and statistics can help, but as much as we would like to think we are rational human beings, our emotions and habits drive our behavior and decisions.

Marketing Model Roadmap

Marketing Stragegy

Omni-Channel Marketing Execution

Omni-Channel Marketing

About Me: Laurel Doggett

With an in-depth understanding of human motivation, design, and communications, I create effective integrated marketing campaigns that tell a story that taps into the fundamental needs of your customer. 

How can you start telling a compelling story that taps into the unique aspect of your value proposition and puts your customer at the center of your business?  It's not about you.  It's about your customer.  When you can really solve for your customer, then you can become the purple cow.

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