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Hello! I'm Laurel.

I help organizations grow by evangelizing their unique brand promise.

Business Growth

Business growth is directly tied to your unique value proposition and how it dovetails with the emotional goals of your clients or customers.

Your brand promise is the feeling evoked when people buy your product or services. Why are emotions so critical in the purchasing decision? Because they are the primary drivers of why we buy. Data and statistics can help, but as much as we would like to think we are rational human beings, our emotions and habits are driving our behavior and decisions.

  • Have you uncovered the emotional needs of your clients or customers?

  • Are you able to tell a story that addresses their hopes or fears?

  • What role is your product or service playing in making your customer's life better?

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Omni-Channel Marketing Execution

Omni-Channel Marketing

About Me: Laurel Doggett

With an in-depth understanding of human motivation, design, and communications, I create effective marketing campaigns that build on an organization's brand promise.

Working for start-up associations, such as the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, to large long-standing societies like the Massachusetts Medical Society founded in 1781, I have executed marketing and outreach strategies for retention and growth.

Through my prior work as a career counselor, I have helped hundreds of top-tier students discover their unique value proposition and brand identity to successfully complete an effective job search and land a job offer.

I began my career as an interior designer and project manager for one of the nation's leading global luxury hotel design firms in the 1980s working on international properties for Hiltons, Hyatts, and Sheratons. This experience taught me how essential design, color, and style are to your brand image and identity. Color and design can and will elicit an emotional response that is critical to your brand identity.

But your brand is more than color and graphics. It's a story that elicits an emotional response and taps into the deep-seated values and fears/aspirations of your fans. What's your story and what defines you?

Integrity. Quality. Execution. Iteration.

These are elements that define me. Let's connect.

Please reach out to LaurelDoggett [at]